Trick to make money in stock market

Hi, as we know, 99% of us are in loss always, and to invert this, to become profitable, there’s this strategy.

  • Share your password and ID and pin with someone you trust and share them this post as well.
  • Tell them that you are trading, and you are in loss and learning.
  • Tell them, also, that you buy when its time to sell and you sell when its time to buy.
  • You would soon notice that whatever you are losing, you are learning from it and the other person, is recovering the same capital hence you are not losing.

Thank me later. If in doubt, comment. Please dont troll and no -ve comments and jokes. Only authentic questions or talks.

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Don’t know if this is a sarcastic post, but I fully agree, if I am doing it wrong, then doing the opposite should make me profit :rofl:

Maybe I should make a bot which will convert all my sell orders to buy orders and vice-a-versa when intraday trading :slight_smile:

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That will make your broker very happy, for sure!

I don’t feel so. It can make broker sad as well