Trident Long Term Detailed Analysis | Fundamental Analysis | Indian Textile Industry | Stocktips

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I have covered a detailed fundamental analysis of the trident.
I covered the company product line, India and the Global Textile industry, the company’s expansion and future plan, financial and ratios and my personal opinion.

Currently, the stock looks very attractive because of the recent correction of 28%. Accumulation of the stock at the current price can be a good long term financial decision.

The company has experience of 2 decades in yarn manufacturing and has a presence in 150 countries, so the major revenue for the company comes from the export market i.e. around 68%.

Apart from textile, the company has diversified its business into the paper and chemical segment as well.

The company is also exploring the e-commerce business and expanding its retail sales through offline channels by opening new showrooms across India. The company has opened 12 new showrooms in the year 2021 which is increase the profit margin of the company as the company is handing end to end process.
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