Trivial and silly but necessary - candles color

I am using Trading view in Zerodha. I am using candles. And by default the candles are light in shade. I want them to be dark. So I change them to dark shades by clicking on chart properties, choose dark candles, borders and wicks. I save it as default template, but the changes don’t get saved and when I refresh or open a new chart, the candles are light again.

Also, in the same chart properties, I select the color bars based on previous close, but it too does not get saved.

Cant I get the candles in dark shades and the color bars based on previous close saved? :roll_eyes:


Any changes you make to chart settings have to be saved as layout. You’ll have to load the layout each time you refresh the chart. Explained here:

Also, the layout you save are saved in local memory of the device, if there is any chance in cache those will be deleted: Why are my drawings getting deleted from the TradingView chart on Kite?

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Saved the layout, working.

I save charts and templates, but never saved layouts, and the saved layout got saved in charts.

Thank you :+1:

The layout is getting saved with the stock’s chart I am saving, so when I am loading the layout, the saved stock’s chart is getting loaded and not the stock I am currently looking at :man_facepalming:

I want the colors to be loaded as a template and not as a layout, so that I can use that template for all stocks.


So I am loading the layout and entering the new stocks’ names. This is okay too. :+1: