TRIX indicator OR TEMA indicator



Can someone pls clarify if TRIX indicator also called TEMA (triple exponential moving average indicator) OR these two are different indicators? Since in KITE i find TRIX but on streak i see TEMA.



TRIX, is present in moviging average indicator.
Please refer the screenshot.

Can u pls advise how to create scanner for the attached screenshot, where alert should be generated when 5 EMA crosses below 20 EMA and TRIX is less than 0.

The condition is just as you mentioned. You need to put in the same condition in Streak.

You can watch this webinar to understand how to create a condition.

Alternatively, you can write to [email protected] with the request.

Did check with Streak, TRIX is not yet available in scanner.


Please refer the moving average indcator, in that “type” has triple exponential, which is TRIX moving average.


Hi ,
@Streak ,
I am your paid member. can you please help me to create this strategy.

I want to create strategy where

( TEMA 20 is higher than TEMA 05 for 1 day candle ) and ( TEMA 20 is higher than TEMA 05 for 30 min candle )

last scanner i.e ( TEMA 20 is higher than TEMA 05 for 30 min candle ) should run every 30 min if 1st condition satisfies.

Hi @Shrikant_Phadke,

Please use the following condition