Trump - Kim - Nuke Bomb deserve dedicated Thread here

We have seen Brexit, Trump Election Win, DEMO, Surgical Strike shockers and know about how markets reacted.

Now What if Kim Drops a Nuke Bomb in Pacific?

How you protect your self with respect to Trading and Investment. Let us discuss about Hedging for events like this. If we play profitably in both directions of market then we will become complete in trading.

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hedging?? No…if there is war … go all in…
Famous words from baron Rothschild during worldwar times.
Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own

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Name one company that will be negatively impacted in earnings if a n bomb explodes in mid pacific. Sure feel very sorry for the fishes !

Gold will surge suddenly and some inventory losses may happen to Jewellery companies. Before we know anything happen to companies, sentiment may turn negative in the short term and commodities prices may affect. Crude prices may fall.

If Korea drops nuke in pacific, then it will become another Iraq.

But FII seems to be going long in Nifty Futures.
I too went long on Friday.

Open Interest of Market Participants

Client Long Short
Client 156638 182987
DII. 17488 27895
FII. 157881 127448
Pro. 39022 32699
TOTAL 371029 371029

FII long positions increased from 53% to 55% on Friday.

I will b surprised if dotard trump ends presidency without a war.

That will b an investment opportunity more than a trading window

I think u need to add Iran also to the list in the title :frowning:

Ok chaps here is my 2 cents advice: just persuade Mr. President to marry off Ivanka Trump to Kim Jong Un. That will be the best solution for the current situation. A happy ending.