TSL Entry details

Please clarify how the TSL will work while developing below strategy:

Hey @Trade_lose_repeat

Please refer to the explanation below on how the TSL will operate based on the example you provided.

If you are entering a Buy strategy and select the target profit (TP) as 200 Points(Pts), Stoploss (SL) as 10 Pts, and Trailing Stoploss (TSL) as 1 Pts. Then, every time your Trade goes up by 1 points which is the assigned value for TSL, the SL will be revised up by 1 points.

So if your entry is at 100 points, then the initial stop loss is 100-10= 90. Now as the selected TSL is 1 points, then if the stock moves by 1 points i.e. if it goes to the 101 levels then the stop loss will be revised to 90+1=91. Similarly, with each 1 points movement in your trade direction, the stop loss will trail by 1 point, until your profit level is reached or the trailing stop loss is hit.

You can also refer to the below resources to better understand the functioning of TSL-
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Webinar- https://youtu.be/_jadTd2DVZ4

You can also check our TSL calculator sheet, and input your trade values(Entry price, SL, TP, and assigned TSL) to get all the TSL levels for your trades.