TSl is not working in paprt trade

Hi Team,

i have done some paper trade stredegy and found that Trailing stop loss is not working .
please check.
below is the condition for TSL:
trailing SL of 10 at 5min candle interval using candlestick chart.

Order book details.

@Streak, can you check please.

@Vishal_Chourasia Please share the details i.e. the strategy link and the orderlog of the deployed strategy to [email protected] and the team will check and assist you.

strategy link : https://www.streak.tech/strategy/banknifty-290100

Order log

waiting for your response @Vasu_patel @Streak

@ShubhS9 not getting relpy from anyone, will you be able to help?

@Vishal_Chourasia please share the details over email to [email protected]. The team will be able to check this in detail and assist you further.

please check this.

Not getting any reply from the given mail @Vasu_patel @ShubhS9 @Streak

@Vishal_Chourasia Be assured, the team will get back to you over the mail.

not getting response now also:
will you please check the below:

@Vishal_Chourasia We have checked this and the issue with the TSL function has been fixed and it should work fine.

Regret the inconvenience caused.

@Vasu_patel Thanks for reply, will it work for all my strategies or i need to do some changes in that?

pleae tell me if you have done any changes to work TSL.