TV Charts vs Chart IQ charts

Hi all…

I have seen that TV charts are introduced on kite today and many discussions were going on the blog.

I could not find anything special in TV charts compared to present charts.

Can any please throw some light on what are the advantages in TV Charts compared to present charts.

Thanks in advance.

Its a watered down version of TV without custom scripting and vol profile. The only advantage I can think of is that you can watch up to 8 charts at the same time.


Just include magnet function for drawing tools and custom fib levels and TV charts can go take a walk

THE MAIN THING IS TRADE FROM CHART which they are not providing i think

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" Go to " function is very useful in TV Charts

Position size quantity in the Long/short position tool is a good feature…

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and which is static. time to time

people could go to and do the same thing.

Investing charts are highly unreliable

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I would like to know the following ;

  1. I want to apply my own ema lines which is not available on the zerodha study on Nifty Index , Nifty Futures and Nifty options Charts. Is it possible?

  2. Can it be done thru the Kite now available.

  3. If YES,what is the way?

  4. If NO, is the API required to apply that study directly on the charts opened in Kite or PI Platform. In that case, can you give me free access for 15 days to try it out.

Please let me know.

Thanks & regards

how to have 2 different charts in the 2 charts view in TV? i everytime get the same charts on both sides, and there is no way to change the 2nd one.

You can change the charts to whatever symbol you want. Click on the black highlighted area to change symbol.

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I use IQ charts on kite which is more user friendly.
For more deep study, i use TV by direct a/c on its own web, as i have my own developed indicator clear the direction & predict the move well.
but on kite i prefer IQ charts.