Typically How long it will take to learn day-trading and make good profit from it?

Trading is very similar to a game of skill, so how much time will depend completely on the person learning, his ability and dedication.

But one of those things to remember is to never focus making money/profit in the market, focus on doing the right things, money will eventually follow. With whatever little experience I have had, whenever you make it about money, market never lets you make it. :slight_smile:

Best of luck on the journey


Day-trading is a continuous process/journey wherein your imagination would be your limitation.

Lets suppose, a trade made u crorepati instantly, would u stop day-trading. I believe, No. Similarly, u can lose the earned crore in a trade, would u stop day- trading. I believe, No. So, get out of the mindset of being at a destination(profitable/loss) and start enjoying the never ending thrills during the journey.

Happy Trading!


Typically a good six months to 1 year for an average type person.

Learning would be faster but implementing and getting results out of it, will be the slower part.

If you dont look before you leap, you will drown. You should exercise caution while learning in real time.


As far as making profits are concerned, I could not comment, it depends on individual person’s strategies. But I believe in 1 year time, you could atleast find out what mistakes you were making. If you could correct that, you can earn profits. In other words you will find out what gives you profit and what not.

Depends on you dude, your eagerness, dedication, patience, will power, your research, your strategies, everything depends on you. See it’s like learning to ride/swim, you can become Rossi or an average next door rider. But I believe, even Rossi will take you years. Good Luck.

like many psychologist say, it takes close to 3 years to succeed… best wishes and Happy Diwali

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Nithin : What do you mean by doing the right things?

Phew… that’ll be a long list in itself :slight_smile: , why don’t u read this book Market Wizards by Jack Schwager, where he has interviewed a bunch of very profitable traders. Have a look at this section on Z-connect(http://zerodha.com/z-connect/category/zerodha-60-day-challenge/winners), where I have interviewed a bunch of our very profitable traders, you should get a lot of info from here.