Uco bank equity

Bought uco bank shares @78. What should be done now? Sell or hold?

When did you bought & if u dont mind is it a big quantity? I hope you are talking about delivery positions.

@saiography, Any views on this one?

@Srinivas thanks for A2A.

I have a very minimal understanding of the financial sector but will try to add my 2 cents.
UCO Bank has posted its Q2 yesterday and below was the observations

  • Total Income decreased
  • Posted an increase net loss
  • NPAs Increased

The numbers are quite alarming and I would not hold on to such company even one day further.

@Ashutosh_Sharma1 seems to have held it from somewhere around Oct’14 in hope that that bank will perform, which obviously is not the case looking at the stock price.


Around 200 share I have bought

U did not tell when did u bought ?

He’s bought UCO Bank at 78.

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I bought it in 2015. Is there any chance of merger of uco bank with other psu?

Just Book Your Loss And Investment in Some other Good Stock.

I know one thing about you that you are very patience Because you are holding this stock from 2015 almost 2 years. And you Saw This stock coming down every Month But In a Hope that One day it will Reach your Buy Price and After Some years you will start getting your Profits.

I don’t see in Near future it will Reach your Buy Price.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: