UI/UX improvement while placing order


@nithin I’ve got a UI/UX suggesstion for the buy/sell window. Allow me to share.

  1. The window blocks the view of price of the scripts towards the bottom. This foreground window should not interfere with the background stock prices.

  2. The total amount investor would pay/ receive for the buy/ sell order should be displayed. For example, in this screenshot, it should display the total cost of 20 Reliance shares at market price all inclusive of brokerage, STT, .etc. so the investor knows whether he has that much margin available or not (it shows right above this window) before placing his order. Similarly with a sell order.

  1. The buy order window can be moved around. Btw, This overlapping seems to be your screen resolution issue. Hold the buy order window and drag it to wherever you want.

  1. Just doing the price x quantity is straight forward. But calculating STT etc isn’t really possible . STT is different for intraday and delivery, stamp duty for different states are different (many states have a flat rate per contract note). Also if a client is doing MIS, telling the exact amount is also tricky as it keeps changing during the day. F&O even more trickier as margin required changes based on portfolio(open positions).
    But it is on our list of things to do, maybe in the future we will figure a way to do it without risking performance of the app.


It’s a MacBook Pro 11 inch @ 1366x768 resolution. Superb, could drag and move the window. :+1:


sometimes on kite, when i place an order, it shows in the order tab but does not show in market depth even after i refresh the page. There is a lag. And very often, the feeds stop updating and a red loading bar moves from left to right at the top of the market watch. I’m using chrome on mac. Pls have this checked out. I have a fast internet btw.


This has to do with internet only, may be internet is breaking in between.


At least can we start with this? Every time one thinks of buy/ sell, he has to get a calculator to know the total amount. At least price of script multiplied by the quantity would help. STT extra can be mentioned. At least to begin with. Think from the user’s point of view.