UI/UX needs update for Coin + value missing in Kite

  1. We should be able to get list of all ELSS MF when text like “ELSS” is entered in the search box. Even in the current scenario if I navigate through multiple steps to reach to a window to see the complete list of ELSS MF available on Coin, it doesn’t show me the relevant (expected) column like NAV, CAGR in the same view (I dont want to add multiple and compare). I think better User experience would be to add above missing columns in the same view where various ELSS can be seen to have quick view to make decision

  2. I didn’t see Zerodha providing the value add by popup message in Mar that time is approaching to utilise the tax harvesting if interested like it was available in other competitor’s app

Do consider these feedbacks if you find them relevant.



MF nav is irrelevant when seeing a new investment, CAGR and expense ratio is what is needed.

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NAV isn’t irrelevant but I agree may not be as relevant as CAGR per to say. NAV and CAGR as additional columns are shown when you open individual or compare MF’s

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