Ujjivan FS Remerger

My father held stocks of Ujjivan Financial Services as of the ex-date and due to the re-merger they got delisted. Now he is asking me when will he receive the shares of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank. What should I answer?

How about -

"I do not know, father.
Please check / watch-out for email communications about the same,
from the company whose shares you hold,
or from your broker."

Practically speaking, might be a couple of weeks/months.

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AWAITING trading & listing approval of stock exchanges.

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Can’t say this coz I manage his portfolio :sweat_smile:

Thanks, for sharing the information

Even I am not yet received shares of Ujjivan small finance Bank. my ujjivan financial shares got delisted. but ujjivan small finance bank shares not yet credited. I am also waiting for the same.

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Even finding no info when these will be available in my demat account

That’s why the confusion is. You may refer to the above answers.

Awaiting trading and listing approvals .

I contacted Zerodha support and they said the same.

After record date HDFC bank after merger got listed in 4 Days wherein Equitas bank took 36 days …coincidentally the example is of (1) both resulting cos are bank (2) both resulting cos are already listed.


Quite insightful I didn’t know this