Ujjivan Small finance bank IPO

I wish to apply for Ujjivan small finance bank IPO. The issue has opened today and will be available for retail subscription till December 4th.
Currently, I do not hold any shares of Ujjivan financial services in my DEMAT. Is it possible to apply under shareholder of this organization issuing this IPO route if I buy the shares of Ujjivan financial services today?

Any help would be appreciated.

I think it would not be possible as shares you buy today would be credited on your account two days later.

Thanks for the reply Mr.Agrawal.

Thus, the shares of Ujjivan financial services would be credited to my account on December 4th. The IPO is open till 5PM of 4th December. So, do you think, if I apply for IPO on 4th December, would I be eligible for discount available for shareholders of holding organization?

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Not eligible. Shareholders as on 22nd Nov are eligible.

Thanks for the reply.
This clears the confusion… !
Actually, I couldn’t find the date on which the shares of ujjivan financial services should be in my DEMAT.

Now I know. :slight_smile: