Ullu digital has filed for an IPO 😝

Bull market in IPO markets is going nuts man :laughing:


now they will make more ullu after raising money :joy:

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An interesting fact, Netflix which is so popular has 65 lakh subscribers in India.
Ullu digital has 21lakh :upside_down_face:


Exchange Board should reject it.

SME or not is decided by market cap?

I’m a subscriber. It’s high time sex becomes a theme/sector considering xhamster is the 4th most visited site in the country.

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But there will always be a regulatory overhang on company even if the IPO goes through. You never know when the Government decides to ban this app

Why would the govt ban it? I mean ullu’s content is s@xual fantasy which is not p@rn. People are now exploring s@xuality which is a free choice. Hardly there could be some regulations like rating and categorization of the content to differentiate it from p@rn.

This is my views in the perspective of the content and literature and society at large, you may disagree.

We have got enough Bollywood movies for that. Ullu is the next level …:joy:

unfortunately we live in country that banned lottery ticket because some poor nut heads spent lot of money in lottery, how we spend our money is personnel choice aswel.

also we live in land of kamasutra that banned porn sites, so this is highly risky IPO if their main theme is about porn.