Unable to add few USDINR scripts to the market watch

I want to add “USDINR 17th Jul 75 CE” and “USDINR 17th Jul 75 PE” to my market watch.
But i am unable to find the scripts when i search.
I can add “USDINR 17th Jul 75.25 CE” and “USDINR 17th Jul 74.75 PE” to my market watch.

Please find the attached screenshot for the script search results.

@siva i raised a ticket already after checking it with Zerodha Team.
Please follow this up , seems to be a regular occurance.

Update:- I could able to add these scripts from kite mobile , issue is there only with kite web

Yeah, on web we missed this. Will get it sorted, thanks.
You can type as below for now.

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Thanks for this workaround bro …
works well