Unable to buy GSM stocks

Hi, I’ve been unable to trade(delivery) in GSM stocks on Zerodha (Sangam advisors and now Best Steel Logistics Ltd). I’ve also noticed that I’m often unable to trade in Taaza International and I get some error which seems like “Transaction not allowed in current Market sta” or “… square off across exchange across segments”. I learn that some stocks can only be bought offline. Could you let me know what these errors are and how I can trade in these stocks?


These GSM stocks are best avoided. Check the below two answers.

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So, the zerodha platform doesn’t allow members to invest in these stocks?

When you buy GSM/S+ stocks of stage II or higher, an Additional Surveillance Deposit(ASD) of 100% of your investment value is blocked for a period of 5 months and released only after that, regardless of when you sell the stock. Clients are usually unaware of this and it always comes to them as a rude shock. As a result, trading in these stocks have been blocked at Zerodha.

Why don’t you have a popup which confirms if user wants to block 100% of his investment value? Or atleast allow customers to buy via call and trade?

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Yes, atleast call and trade facility should be there. Many other brokers allows that.

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@nyadav Does anybody know which brokers allow buying GSM stage 2 or 3 or 4 level stocks.
Currently Zerodha and upstox does’t allow it.

@siva_kannan did you find any broker?