Unable to do intraday in F and M groups of stocks on Zerodha

Hello everyone, I am unable to do intraday trading in securities which are under F and M groups of BSE on Zerodha. It is showing error that intraday is not allowed. Can anyone tell me the reason why there are not allowing me to do intraday. When I searched for reasons, in support it is written that there is a possibility of short delivery but I do not think there is chance of short delivery in intraday. Also many securities in the mentioned groups are highly active and traded. Also, I am ready to pay the penalty in case there is short delivery.

Zerodha should make a consent form in which groups a client wants to trade and then it will all be client’s responsibility.

I am fully aware of the risks, so Zerodha, kindly enable the intraday trading in F and M groups of BSE.

i have been trading in F group for over 3 years on intraday basis with my other broker and I never heard from him that intraday cannot be done in these securities. I have financial statements also where I did intraday in them on regular basis. And also there was no short delivery not even a single time. Kindly refer to following links related to BSE F group in which nowhere it is written that securities are settled on Trade to Trade basis


And regarding F group, I think you are mistaken for MT group because there intraday cannot be done as it is in Trade to Trade.

If intraday was not meant to be done in M group, then why the exchange has created M and MT groups??

I trade regularly in these kinds of securities and I can 100% say that there is no concept of short delivery in these securities atleast in intraday.


Has any Zerodha member read it. If yes then kindly reply to my problem