Unable to do intraday while trading in cnc. Why so?

Why can’t I sell adani today?
I understand it’s not in my holding but why I can’t do intraday here?

Some one please help.

BE category stocks are in T2T segment which means you cannot do intraday, you can sell only once you get them in your demat (T+2 days)

Thats why be careful of stocks which are in BE category and circuit stocks

Today it will be in 5% circuit, tomorrow also, but when it comes to your demat, it can go to lower circuit on 3rd day and then you cannot sell. So if you put money in such stocks, you are betting that for 3 days, it will be safe.

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Most day traders like to trade in stocks which have liquidity and volatility. Liquidity means that there is enough volume of shares being traded. This allows you to enter and exit the market at the right price without having to worry about buyers or sellers for that particular stock in the market.Now you will be able to do intrday trading