Unable to move shares from Groww to Zerodha via CDSL Easiest

I’ve done “Bulk Setup” from CDSL website twice but each time after verifying and committing the transaction, it disappears from the CDSL Easiest portal. It’s so annoying.

I’ve looked into many articles and videos, its exactly the same everywhere. But after I commit my transaction, nothing happens, I get no mail or any Groww or CDSL notification. The only thing I get is OTP from CDSL to commit the transaction, then no trace of my transaction after a day. I’ve done it after market hours and within market hours too.

Kindly help me in transferring my shares to Zerodha.

Hi NavdeepD2,

Upon setting the transaction in CDSL easiest, you need to select the transaction by clicking on the checkbox and click on commit. The transaction will be sent to Transferor DP (Groww) once you enter the OTP and authenticate the transaction by entering the CDSL easiest PIN.

You need to check with the Groww DP to know the status of your transaction.