Unable to sell my stocks

I’m new just 2 days back started,
I have only this problem that yesterday i bought some stocks of #NAGAROIL, But I unable to sell it now those all share comes in my holding. Now i’m commanding for sell but wveytime it goes to reject…
Plz help me why it’s happening

it could be in circuit, check it.

You placed orders at 6.52 AM as per screenshot.Kindly place it during market hours

Yes i did it later but its not going

Bro wait for market to open.Please if you are knew don’t put big capital as it’s gonna wipe out in just 3 days.

NAGAROIL hit lower circuit yesterday. It had circuit limit of 20%.

Once it hits 20% lower circuit, or it is 20% down, then there are NO BUYERS.

So if you try to sell also, order will always be pending since no body is ready to buy.

My question to you is -> Why are you buying such fraud stocks on your first day?