Unable to sell my stocks

Hi All,

I bought the below two stocks six months back based on a mobile message alert.

Danube Indistries - 3400
Sai Baba Invt. - 1000

But later I realized that the message sender was a fraud because of the graph of both the stocks
goes down drastically and I am unable to sell both the equities.

Could you please advice me how I can sell these two stocks?

Buy a saibaba idol and pray everyday.

Unless there is buyer there is no seller. You’re doomed.


These are scammy stocks. You cannot sell them unless, there are buyers. Moral of the lesson - stay away from such stocks.

That’s the tuition fee you have paid to Mr. Market to learn a lesson.


So forward the same msg to 7 another people, you will get a good news by next morning… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Thanks, Bhuvanesh for your response.

What about the future of such type stocks…does any chance to get my invested money back if the company kick out from the share market list?