Unclaimed dividend

I have received a mail from SBI regarding unclaimed Dividend and I am asked to claim that dividend before 25th July. I have no idea what is it, can you please enlighten me about it.

Is it also possible that dividend can not be deposited into bank account?

Are you a shareholder of SBI. If you are and the shares are in demat form, the bank account number you must have given may be wrong and hence SBI is unable to transfer the dividend amount electronically.

The other alternative is that you must be holding shares in physical form and not yet dematerialized. hence SBI is not in a position to issue the dividend.

What you could do is do some searching or ask someone at home if they had invested in SBI (This is because you state that you are not aware of any investment in SBI). How did you get the communication from SBI, was it through post or email. There must be some reference such as folio number, name of shareholder or anything to help you in finding out.

You can forward this communication to

Unclaimed & Unpaid Dividends from FY 2013-14 onwards:

The shareholders who have not received or claimed the above dividends till now are requested to make a claim at the earliest to the Registrar & Share Transfer Agent at the following address

M/s Alankit Assignments Limited
205-208, Anarkali Complex,
Jhandewalan Extension,
New Delhi-110055
Tel. No. 011-42541234/7290071335
Fax No. 011-23552001
E-Mail: [email protected]

and seek their advise.

I’m invested in SBI and have received the dividend a couple of days ago. I got this type of email for the first time so I’m not sure what is it about since I’ve received my Dividend.

Thanks for your response . I got email from the below ID which seems fake to me


It would be best to reach out to Alankit Assignments Limited (the RTA for SBIN shares) at the email shared above (aka [email protected]) to get clarification about this matter.

Searching around on Twitter, I had come across a recent tweet that mentioned about a scam being run for unclaimed dividend for a different bank. You would likely be correct in assuming that the email is fake but best to get a confirmation about the matter from the RTA itself.