Understanding smallcase

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What will happen to Divident? is going to credit directly same as stock??? Is this product is approved by SEBI?

I would like to know that return percentages mentioned in smallcase ,let say for 1 month 2.75 %. So is it absolute or do something more get deducted from it like taxes charges etc n thus net return % is something else.

Another thing returns from it can we have statement s like from zerodha back office helpful in filling yearly itr.

Hi Bijay,

Yes, smallcases are portfolios of stocks optimally-weighted to reflect a theme/model. When you buy a smallcase, you buy the underlying stocks in the prescribed weighting scheme. So all dividends from these stocks get credited to your bank account directly

We are an NSE approved trading platform :slight_smile:

Yup, it doesn’t take into account taxes & charges. Also dividend returns are not included in these returns

Yup, these transactions are recorded as part of your Zerodha backoffice Q - so you get the tax statement for the same from there itself

Concept of smallcase is good. But small retail investors should be also be aware of the additonal charges such DP charges which would incurred per stock when you exit a small case which would affect your profitablity.

e.g you buy a small case worth 4000k, which has a collection of 15 stocks… So when you exit, basically you end up paying… 25*12 as DP charges, and 100 rs for smallcase purchase…

So basically, if your investment is huge only then these charges can be ignored, no when you invest anywhere less than 20K.