Unlisted zone - reliability in purchasing unlisted shares

I am looking forward to purchase unlisted shares and I have received a quote from https://unlistedzone.com/

I would like to know the reliability and authenticity of the platform. Whether they are genuine. Has anyone dealt with them in purchase of unlisted shares?

Raj Pawan Gumdal

There is some bargaining in such deals . do not go on first quote but negotiate . . i did sell some shares long back through one such private dealer . in my view once deal and process is finalized these dealers are worth a trust .

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since this topic has come up, may i know how to sell stock delisted in stock exchange E.g Punj Lloyd?

I have same question + how to buy unlisted shares?

Please study tax implications of unlisted equities first.

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There are many private dealers who deal in Delisted , Unlisted and Unquoted shares . google with words like UNQUOTED SHARE DEALERS you will get.
Delisted means shares which are delisted but still available with few investors … Philips India ,Bharat hotel , mohan meken etc etc
Unlisted means share of companies which were never listed like Reliance retail , Chennai super king , Sterlite power etc etc
Unquoted means listed but not traded like Elcid investment , Taparia tools , Bajaj global etc etc

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Thanks for the replies everyone, what I am unsure of is how to trust the entity which promises the delivery. They are asking 20% token upfront, I do not know what guarantee is offered for exchange of shares after the token payment and Stage 1 payment. I understand that the shares are transferred after Stage 2.

Moreover they are saying that NSE shares will take even more time to get transferred. Hence the doubt factor to proceed ahead with confidence!

you need to trust thats is the only way since it will be an off market deal .

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