Unpledged shares, sell same day

Presently, unpledged shares before 2pm can be sold T+1 day.
Wouldn’t be nice, if the unpledged shares are allowed to sell the same day, if the request is made before 10 or 12pm. (something you guys can work out) ?

What do others think?


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Yeah, this is in our list of things to do, will take sometime though.

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@siva @Nakul @nithin Long time pending. It will be really helpful if you guys implements it soon.

We are on it.

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@nithin @siva You guys have to seriously take this up. We are loosing opportunity to sell at good price. Its been 6 months hearing same answer. “WE ARE ON IT”.

Hey Siva,

This thing irritates us as we can’t get desired rate if we unpledge and sell the securities on other day.

Please rectify the same ASAP.

Still there are minor issues with APIs provided by intermediaries, also changes in cdsl auth rules pushed this further, said that this is one of our top priorities to offer and we are testing it.

I do have account with sharekhan, there i am able to sell pledged securities directly.

You should also try to implement the required infrastructure.

As said we are testing this and should go live soon.

@siva what’s update? last one was you guys were testing in march starting.

This is all required @siva

Hey @siva any timeline for rolling this out?

It can take few more months, with so many regulatory changes and with current covid situations this has been delayed.

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