Unusual URL and Potential Misrepresentation in Youtube Trading Video

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a follower of a particular YouTube channel for a long time, where the trader claims to use Zerodha Kite. However, in a recent video, they displayed a URL for their positions that looked like “http://localhost/postions” instead of the usual “https://kite.zerodha.com/positions”. This has caused some concern within the community, including myself, about the validity of the content.

While the reason for the unusual URL could be a technical error, edited interface, or editing mistake, it’s important to understand the context. The video also included a screenshot of the trader’s User Client ID, which raises further questions about the potential for misrepresenting real profits and losses.

I would be grateful if the Zerodha team could shed some light on this situation. Can you explain how this URL discrepancy might have occurred? More importantly, given my history of following this channel, is there a way to verify the legitimacy of their trading activity?

Many viewers rely on this channel for information, and any insights from Zerodha would be highly valuable to ensure trust and transparency within the trading community.


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