"Upgrade BO to easiest" option is not coming in grouped BOID

I have two accounts, one is in Upstox and another is in Zerodha.

I have registered on CDSL through Zerodha BOID and upgraded BOID to easiest.

Then I added Upstox BOID to Zerodha BOID as grouping.

Next made Upstox BOID as trusted account.

But when I tried to upgrade Upstox BOID to easiest, the option “Upgrade BOID to Easiest” not showing up.

I wanted to transfer my shares from Upstox to Zerodha for pledging.

I tried to make new login on CDSL through Upstox BOID, it is not allowing to do so as I have already account in CDSL through Zerodh.

Can anyone guide me please what to do to upgrade Upstox BOID to easiest?
Thanks and Regards

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Yes, this is an issue. Since you have grouped your upstox DP ID with us. All you have to do is ungroup your upstox ID from Zerodha’s easiest login under miscellaneous option. Wait for 48 hours and then try to re-register to Upstox ID it will go through. Once you have placed the request talk to upstox and get the request approved.

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Thanks Sonia,
" Wait for 48 hours and then try to re-register to Upstox ID it will go through."- Do I need to make a new login with same email and mobile number with Upstox BOID or do the the grouping of Upstox BOID with Zerodha BOID login?

I did following
De-grouped Upstox Id.
De-registered zerodha BOID login.
After 48 hrs will make loginn with upstox and then add zerodha in grouping.
I hope this will work!!

We request you to create a fresh easiest login using Upstox DP details and not to add ID’s in grouping if you want to transfer scrips then add Zerodha’s DP ID in Trusted user, that will help you transfer scrips, grouping won’t help with transfer.

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Its not working. I tried creating fresh login with Upstox DP but CDSL says your login exist. Before this I ungrouped the upstox DP from earlier login still this message coming. Not what to do?

In this case, you have to call upstox and ask them to help you out, as we do not have the access to check things from our end, since they are the transferring DP and we are just at the receiving end.