Upgrade Kite connect to a full fledged quantitative analysis tool like quantopian


A followup question on this. If i do login after a few days.
Does the code get activated again ? or is it dead forever because i logged in after a big gap.
Also if i understand correctly this is not a requirement if i have a dealer terminal .
With a dealer terminal do i need to login everytime a trade needs to be executed ? or can i
just not login for a month if i want to .


Weird, I was able to install it via simple pip install zipline

Mine is Python 2.7.15 .
Just had a query, what type of maths you want to use? ML/AI and all that hogwash don’t work in actual stock markets. Those are merely marketing gimmicks these days. If your looking for central tendencies, probability distribution based functions, use kuants. I came across them through Quantpedia. https://www.quantpedia.com/Links/Backtesters Their GUI is very very bad, one does needs to spend time to actually know how the system works, but maybe you can ask for a demo from them or something. I got some actual statistical algos running with them.


I am using 3.6.2 with 3.5.2 as a virtual environment. I’m not using ai/ml. Kuants is great!! But i do want to install zipline somehow and import whatever data I want too. Thanks for your ideas. @Pankul_Tiwari


Looks sophisticated and modern. Now the Question is, are you making any money with all these rocket science ? or is it just another activity to wade away free time ?


Can you send me the screen shot of the errors you are seeing? There might be some issue with dependencies maybe.


$ not recognized as an internal or external variable. i’m getting many errors so screen-shotting one error is not the solution. i’ve tried a lot of different code from many sources to install it i think messed up my conda. My best bet is to uninstall everything and reinstall it with the appropriate packages. Thanks for the help man!!


Try virtualenv, this way your existing dependencies won’t be disturbed nor OS.


@SaiKrishna i created virtual env before to install python, but do i need to load it every time or is it a one time thing? i have also pip installed pandas 0.18.0 from 0.22.0


when it try to activate my virtual env i’m getting this error



We are constantly working on adding newer features to widen the spectrum of strategies which can be created with ease, back-tested and tracked.

  1. Need a custom tab to include our own indicators and our own set of rules that we feel as and whenever needed. this custom tab has to be in the ’ create ’ section for both the entry and exit positions. It is a must otherwise there is no point in subscribing a streak account. This is very important a must have and a fundamental one .

  2. Need a video that should show a real-time live trading when an algo executes the trade and that too when the algo was created using a Renko chart. So that i wanted to see for myself ,> how streak manages the disappeared candles on renko chart.