Upi mandate issues

I had applied for a IPO from zerodha and received the upi mandate but later on I cancelled my application from zerodha.Will the fund get unblocked on its own?
I received the cancellation mail from zerodha and can I apply again?

The funds are automatically unblocked, can take 24 to 48 hours.

Yes, you can apply again.

Mandate Authorization failed in Gpay for CAMS IPO but amount deducted from bank and i still didn’t received my money back, I have not idea whom to contact Gpay or Bank, Can anyone please help?

If you haven’t received the allotment, funds will be released back to your bank account by Mandate End Date (10th October), If funds aren’t released by then, you can contact NPCI at [email protected] with your application number, IFSC Code and Bank account number and also get in touch with your Bank.

Hi, I have been trying to apply for Mazdock IPO but the mandate authorization on google pay keeps failing. Same thing was happening with Chemcon and Cams IPO as well. The issue is with Zerodha or Google Pay? Whom should i contact for this?

You should get in touch with Google Pay, you can also try using different UPI app or you can apply through Netbanking ASBA, the process has been explained here.

Hi, I have applied mazagon ipo through zerodha…get mandate request in phone pe app… accept it and then it says failed to enable autopay…in zerodha it says request accepted by sponsor bank but amount blocked- none…what to do? Please guide

If you approved the payment and the amount is blocked but the UPI app shows as mandate failed; in such scenario, The bank, NPCI and the exchange run a 3 way reconciliation to check for successful applications and fund blocks. If your block status is not updated at the UPI app level or exchange level, the RTA may still consider your application since your funds are successfully blocked with the bank.

If your funds aren’t blocked, you can delete the application you have made and apply again.

Did you receive any update??
The amount got deducted from your account?

I had applied for Mazgaon Docks IPO. I accepted the mandate. Application accepted. But the amount which is to be blocked still flashing on my Bank Account.

I applied for mazgaon dock IPO today 30 Sept,20 when i’m trying to approve the mandate, i’m getting an error in UPI as “ORIGINAL REQAUTHMANDATE NOT FOUND” what could be ur suggestions…thanks

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Not yet. They have just asked my application details. Waiting for their response

You can delete the application you have made and apply again, maybe from different UPI app. If the issue still persists you can apply through Netbanking ASBA, the process has been explained here.

Not yet. I lodged a complaint with my bank, no response on that. I am just waiting till the mandate end date and hoping it will get unblocked till then.

If your application is rejected but amount is blocked, you can delete the rejected application and apply for new one. Blocked amount will be released within 24-48 hours. I have faced the same issue during Chemco IPO.

If you cancel your application, then usually funds will unblock after allottment.

Yes, amount will flash in your account but you cannot withdraw or make a transaction. Total account balance and available balance will vary if you observe. If you accpeted the mandate and if you receive request stating block mandate successfull, then the above will be right.

bhai tumhara piasa unblock hogaya kya beacuse the same thing happen to me

bhai did your money get unblocked??

same thing with me