Upi mandate issues


I have placed bid for sbi cards ipo and on upi app i have successfully approved the payment but unfortunately i got failed. And the amount is debited from my bank account also i have received a sms from the bank that upi mandate is successfully created and funds are blocked.

Please confirm about the payment status.


I am trying to subscribe for SBI IPO but after submitting the application on Cosole, I am not getting mandate request on BHIM app. I also tried with other listed UPIs multiple times but still I didn’t get the mandate request


Initailly not able to get mandate request after re-submitting,I got the request but when I tried to accept that due to some reason it failed. At same time from bank message arrived showing" successfully mandate created" so what to do now??

Hi team ,
I am not getting the mandate option after applying ipo of SBI Card

After making several attempts, My mandate request isn’t received in BHIM Upi app ? What should i do now

I have applied sbi card ipo in Zerodha but not receiving upi mandate request in Sbi pay upi app.
How can i apply?

You get mandate request for approval after some time, maybe 1 or 2 hour later. I just got mandate approval request even though I placed IPO bid @ 10:30 PM

Most importantly GPay is not supported to apply for IPO. You need to use BHIM App or your banking UPI app.
GPAY is not supported.

Hello all
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I applied in Zerodha console using Google PAY upi. As I didnt get mandate notification even after 10 minutes, I deleted the first bid and created a newer one. After few minutes, I got mandate notification and I have authorized it.
Meanwhile, after an hour, I got another mandate which is now pending.

I tried to see if there is any reference so that, I can check which mandate is currently pending. But didnt find any reference. First authorized mandate dont have option to delete / unauthorise. Need to authorize second mandate also? In this case, money will be hold for 2 orders. What to do now?

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same issue for me also.

After proceed the mandate some reason transaction failed but did not received any msg from bank and amount not debited from my account as well.

used the BHIM app & citi bank is there is any restriction in this two mediator.

I subscribe SBI card IPO but mandate approval was failed and didn’t get another link for mandate approval

Update on the UPI isues

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Hello sir,
I have applied for sbi ipo today then I canceled it but then applied again as it was my first time applying an ipo
I received an approval of blocking my amount on bank for first application so I did as msg appeared after an half an hour so I approved it and didn’t see it was for first application which was cancelled long ago but my money got blocked for first application now it is not released yet so I want to apply but can’t approve my application as the money is blocked for the canceled ipo application
As well as pls give us a number to talk to a person for a grievance as I so want to apply for this ipo but my money is blocked and I want to apply it
Tell me how to do it
And give me a number to speak with a real person not texting here to tell the story

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I have received sms,but no request found in upi app

Same happened with me.
First I submitted bid by using my GPay UPI and after so much time I didn’t receive mandate on GPay then I deleted My 1st bid and submitted a new one but as I do it then i immediately received mandate on GPay. But here I am confused because this mandate is come on GPay which bid I already deleted on my Zerodha account. Should I authorize this mandate or not?

same happened with me. Not showing in active mandates section of BHIM app. How do I know whether everything is fine or not?

I subscribe SBI card IPO through google pay but mandate approval was failed and didn’t get another link for mandate approval, so what should do i now? any idea?