Upper circuit below day's High Price

I was placing a buy order on Voltas this morning just below the day’s high. But, it kept rejecting the order.

I checked the market depth on the kite. It showed 531.60 as day’s high. but, upper circuit as 528.15!

Can the upper circuit be lower than the day’s high price after the price has breached the upper circuit limit?


Hi, You can place till 552 now as it is the upper circuit price. We are checking on this.

Kite still is showing the upper circuit as 528.15

I tried buying around 529, but it kept getting rejected.

Finally placed an order below 528.15 and it got executed when price fell below that level.

Strangely, this almost feels like some bug that is preventing the natural breakout from the price range. hope this is sorted out.

Dont depend on kite fr checking upper n lower circuits. It doent show right. I raised this issue here bt they deleted the post.
Download the latest file from nse website for updated price bands.

@Ragavendran_M I believe you are from Zerodha and if so your answers are at best evasive.

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