Upstox API vs Kite API

Anyone have used the kite API and upstox API, what are your findings? which one is better in terms of usability. Which one is cheaper and which one provides more number of hits per minute ? Unbiased reviews are heartly welcome. :slight_smile:

Have been using Upstox API subscription for a while now and felt it is OK compared to others(Note personally never tried others but up on getting reviews from my friends). Upstox has good development team which keeps on exploring better solutions and hope it will be perfect product soon…

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okay @RSENTERPRISE , since you have answered i would elaborate the comparison a bit more.
I tried reaching upstox team and got to know that they are restricting us with 30 requests per minute, while kite provides 180 http requests per minute. I personally feel like upstox is lagging behind in this.
What are your views on this based on your experience ?

I used both , but Ticks are faster in zerodha

Upstox api are a bit not programmer friendly as per my experience, lot of issues in getting ohlc data…

If i subscribe upstox api will i be able to use the historical api calls ? Or do i need to subscribe extra for data like zerodha’s candle api ?

You can check Upstox’s API pricing here. According to it, they also charge separately for their Historical data API

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Thanks man .