Upstox pricing change and impact on old customers

Did anyone notice the change in pricing on upstox. They’re now charging the highest in discount broking category for Equity Delivery. Does anyone know if it affects existing customers too. Customers who were promised free equity delivery forever?


2.5 % is the maximum limit set be regulators.
What happened to upstox ? Why are they increasing this that much ? Something is wrong.

This could be because their losses might have increased and brokerage is the biggest income source for discount brokers. They want to either make people do intraday or pay high for equity delivery.

What isn’t factored is the volatility of the consumer. This is something zerodha has factored very well which is why there are no erratic decisions.

They have changed their UI too but the entire change on moving scrips from left to right is uncomfortable and alienates their own users. UX has gone down because of it.

Both of these make me think that they need to take better decisions. Or else, groww or paytm would replace them.

Most of the people use upstox as a secondary platform and this would certainly lead them to lose the #2 spot.

They are no more ‘Discount brokers’ if they charge 2.5% or 20rs per trade, that’s literally the max brokerage. It’s like going back to stone age.
Even traditional brokers don’t charge this much.
I just hope that other discount brokers like zerodha, groww etc be the same as they are now and not increase the brokerage.