Urgently need a ppt on research on IT sector stocks

Hi! It would be great if someone can provide a ppt on fundamental analysis of IT sector stocks? I need to submit it in my college. It must contain analysis of at least 5-7 IT stocks listed on the exchange.

You can email the ppt to me on [email protected] or share the link here.
@Karthik please share if you have somehing


I will do you one better

Top 3 performers in IT sector

  1. Tata Elxsi & TCS
  2. MindTree
  3. Oracle

Worst 3 in IT sector

  1. HCL Technologies
  2. Wipro
  3. Infosys

However , these could change in next few quarters.

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LOL do your homework on your own bruh.

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I think your teacher is planning to invest in stock market. Tell me, did he make batches of your class and give different sectorial analysis to different batches? :wink:

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You forgot to emphasize MPHASIS???

I think you can get A grade with just 2 lines

Best stocks - Whichever operators want to inflate

Worst stocks - Whichever operators want to dump