USD INR - At an Extremely Critical Juncture

USDINR is one space which is currently at a make or break zone technically speaking as it is nearing its previous all time zones of 76-76.5. If It sustains above these levels, We may actually see 80-82 levels as well in USDINR which although can be a good news for exporters. It will create immense pain to the importers and eventually will affect the cost of essentials like fuel for consumers. If this breakout doesn’t materialise, we may also see a swift fall towards 72-70 levels as well.

Here’s the USDINR Chart for our reference :

Where do you see rupee at the end of 2022 ?

  • Above 80
  • 75-80
  • 75-70
  • Below 70

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What are your views on this very very important macro indicator?

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Was looking for shorting opportunity since 1 DEC but it blew past all the daily resistances with little to no retracement. Currently its hovering around the weekly resistance levels, but at this rate we may see another higher high.
Today also it gave a breakout in smaller timeframe.

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RBI’s dovish policy combined with Federal reserves hawkish stance has caused rapid movement on the upside. Will be interesting to see how Federal reserve policy will be this week.

About 20 Central Banks are to come out with their Monetary Policy announcements by the end of December.

Plays in forex are gonna be volatile. Was thinking of entering into an Iron Corridor at 3%. but have decided to steer clear of it until more clarity comes. But this is surely one should track actively till February. 2022 is going to be primarily a policy-driven year.

Until then stock picking is where it’s at.

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Honestly speaking I am not a big believer in technical analysis. So not very sure about the resistance and support.
In my personal opinion I feel indian rupees will keep depreciating and we may touch 80 levels very soon because of macro factors.

I do not trade in currency but I do have indirect exposure. I am heavyweight on IT and Pharma sector.


@Prakashsingh Hello, Since I don’t track/trade USD/INR, I am not a right person to give my view on it. ( Happily married to Nifty only :slightly_smiling_face:)
But I see you have such a nice observations over markets…!! :raised_hands:
Keep it up!!!

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Looks like the technicals do justify the higher upside, but we might need to see how all this plays out. According to my, the rupee will keep on depreciating but at a slower pace and eventually we will cross 80.


I’m long USDINR. Have an open position and it’s in the green.

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Long on USD as well after it breached strong support of 76. After tonight’s fed meeting and bears running nifty. Rupee going to slide even more. Keep Tracking.

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USDINR back to 74.8 from 76.3 Levels. That makes things super interesting…bring it on 2022 :heart_eyes:

most probably we will see sideways trend at this level for next month or so before it tries to go back up.

Decent amount of volatility has begun in USDINR. Yesterday it breached 77 levels and made a fresh all time high (low in rupee terms) of 77.449 due to high oil prices and capital outflows

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We are nearing 80 levels now. with USD CNY (Chinese Yuan) above 7, will we soon see USDINR surging past 80 and head towards 81-82?

That’s the possibility to work with currently.

We can surely expect USDINR to reach the 80 levels, but the RBI is trying to contain any depreciation in INR past the psychological 80 levels. So, USDINR may face heavy resistance around 80 levels. If it breaks past that, then it can depreciate a lot further. But we can expect RBI interventions as INR reaches new lows.

USDINR @83 now …Crazy intraday move of nearly 70 paise

Expecting USDINR to touch 85 in the coming weeks. :melting_face: :melting_face:



I’ve kind of been a perma-bull on INR.

But i guess you are right. 85 seems like a two more brutal days thing from here on.


PSU banks are ignoring this mess royally :joy:

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What a downtrend :open_mouth:

Surprising to see resilience from INR …up from 82.9 to 82.5 despite ultra hawkish policy from fed and dollar index going up from 110.5 to 112.8