Usdinr charts and market movement

Hello team.
I’m new to currency trading.
I had always kept on practising on 's usdinr charts which is quite recommended by many for historical charts and demo trading.
I always used the 3min charts.
There, the 3m usdinr charts are totally different when compared to my kite usdinr future charts.
Also what we practically trade in India is the usdinr futures and in tradingview demo, the chart is simply US dollar/Indian rupee (usdinr) and not usdinr future or option.
What’s the catch in this that i am unaware about?? Plzz help

In USDINR we can trade only in future and options, in tradingview that usdinr chart is for spot price in forex world market.
but in kite that chart we have for future, we dont have spot price chart in kite.
you can start small trade with 5 lots in USDINR in live trading, because margin required is very less in USDINR, so you can start with small amount. and more over the moment in USDINR is very less so you can think of option writing.
but before that you understand what is option contract.
for that follow my videos on YouTube


Plz may i know where in the world do they trade on the usdinr spot prices ?

hi Sachin
In forex market they trade in Currency spot price.

thank you so much for your kind reply.
But Can we trade in the forex markets from here in india in some way?
Or else can we trade in the usdinr spot price as a retail trader settled somewhere outside india?
Eagerly waiting for reply.

HI Sachin

We can not trade on spot price as a retail trader from India.
If you are interested in spot price you can trade USDINR future, because future price change based on spot price.
i do trading in USDINR options as retail trader from India.
There is no broker in india that provide trading outside india.

Thank you so much for clearing the doubts.:slight_smile:

you can post any doubt related to USDINR, as i also trade USDINR.
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I had the same doubt like sachin but now cleared a bit still have few.
Chart on kite showing candle just for 1 year if I wanna draw support resistance its really difficult since chart is small can we use chart provided in tradinview in some way to trade future or option.