USDINR Future trading

Just 3 days ago, I bought 50 lots of USDINR FUT (Expiry January Month) at 74.0600 Rs and Now, It is going 73.7600 Rs with the loss of 15000Rs.
I am just new in F&O and not have so much idea about it. Please help me, How should I handle this situation? I’ll be highly grateful.


thing here is only you know why you entered this trade and what is your risk capacity… if you have entered this trade randomly just consider this loss as fee paid to learn something and next time don’t take a trade without proper analysis and risk management in place… just go through zerodha varsity and you will get to learn a lot…


As there is one month remaining in expiry so should I wait for recovery or should have to exit. Is there any way to minimize the loss.

bro… here’s a thing, nobody knows what will happen next… that is why it is important to have a stoploss in place and get out of the trade when it starts going beyond our risk capacity… maybe you can buy a put which will limit your loss if it moves further down but you can limit it just by exiting your position… you see there’s not one perfect solution, you should make your own call here…

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Consider this as a golden rule of trading “Whenever you are blank about what to do next, just get out” Sit on the sidelines free from fear and anxiety and then think about what went wrong. While in a trade like this which is going beyond your risk capacity, it gets very difficult to make quality decisions.

Coming down to what you can do to minimize your loss here, you can sell call options at strike 74 and convert this position into a covered call. This would lower your loss (up to the premium you have collected while selling those options).

If you need real time help with your trade, you can connect with me on twitter. User ID is aayushxkhanna. Wishing you Happy & Safe trading :pray:

Only sell call options if you want to hold your futures position, don’t make a naked position in call options. Another thing, don’t sell options beyond 50 lots.

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