Usdinr Option Statergy

Can Anyone suggest me any free website for building USDINR Option Statergy (Apart from Sensibull - it’s a paid platform)

Thank you in Advance.

Sensibull is your only option in this case, haven’t come across any platform which offers USDINR FUT - Options, not even Opstra.

Sensibull and opstra both are good for option trading but there are not even paid website for USDINR options trading.

Opstra doesn’t have USDINR data. And I asked them whether they are planning to introduce usdinr options but they refused, they may introduce it in future.

Sensibull is good and only free and best option for now. But even Sensibull pro version does not have IV chart for USDINR as of now.

I think, only a small number of traders are interested in trading currencies in India. I don’t know the reason behind it.

maybe traders just turn away looking at premium in pennies like 0.0100 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or maybe it is the lack of movement , lower IV.

Right… but currency options are good place to start if one wants to trade in options as margin requirements are very low.

Exactly. Although volumes are lower than NIFTY options, one wouldn’t face liquidity issues until trading above 10L margin. On an average I achieve 10-15% per week on USDINR options.

If you’re trading on even 30k, you can still make more than enough to compensate the sensibull monthly subscription fee. What I mean to say is that even with capital low as 30k, your reward to risk ratio is very handsome. Go for sensibull. It’ll benefit you. Trust me.

But Sensibull does not have IV chart/IV historical data for USD INR. How can it benefit us?

And are you talking about options trading only ?

Granted. Getting historical ATM IV data is tough ask. Maybe it’s possible if you buy the historical API for kite. But I’m not sure about this since I have not tried it out.

And yes I’m talking strictly option selling (basic strategies like bear/bull spreads).