USDINR Quantity Restriction


Today for the first time noticed a tiny quantity restriction on even selling USDINR options!

I understand the broker level OI restriction which would affect the option buying, but like Nifty Banknifty why not allow atleast option short without restriction instead of a total quantity restriction ?

This would force me to move my account out of Zerodha, so please look into it as it seems to be simple to resolve like how it has been done in Nifty and Banknifty.

@siva @nithin

Hi @Shyam_Pandit,

Yes, we have seen that we are hitting the broker level OI limits on USDINR a few days a month. Unlike nifty and Banknifty options where our OI is mostly utilised on the buy-side, in USDINR, it has been across futures, short and long options and we are forced to put in a per account quantity limit temporarily.
The limits are proactively removed based on the OI in the market.

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