USDINR Trading in BSE with more strikes

Yesterday I was trading USDINR expiry. I sold 82.25 CE ib NSE and wanted to buy some hedge in bse where they have strikes at 10 paise intervals unlike NSE where they have strikes at 25 paise interval. Thus i wanted to buy 82.10 ce in bse butit was not allowed mentioning illiquid contract. Since TOTP is mandatory now, itshall be allowed. Also it is my choice to trade that and i should not be stopped specifically if it is to hedge my position. @nithin i hope that this is rectified.

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Hi @amitb

We are testing these newly introduce 0.10 strikes and would be allowed soon, will keep this thread updated.

Didn’t understand why NSE has not started .10 strikes?

Any timeline for this being made available

Max by next week.

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