Use Coin to track all Mutual Funds

I have mutual funds and SIPs done directly from the AMC websites. Am looking or a convenient tracker pulling them all together…based on Folio #s. Can Coin help do that? (How?) Any suggestions?

You can use Kuvera.
Its has import portfolio feature.

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On Coin, you can view funds which you have purchased through Coin, you cannot view Mutual Fund’s you have invested in somewhere else.

What you can do is, transfer all your Mutual Fund holdings to Coin, after that they will start reflecting in your Coin portfolio. The process has been explained here.

try mprofit. Its free and you can import from various sources and track them.

The reporting is also fantastic.

Its available for desktop/mobile/web.

I prefer the desktop free version. Helps you track not just MFs but all assets.

Thank you.