Use Liquidbees for fno MTM

  1. Say I have enough margin via pledged liquidbees. Now, if I have a negative MTM on a day as a result of FnO losses, and if I have no ledger balance available but have some Liquidbees (not pledged ones) in my demat account, can I sell those liquidbees during market hours and fulfil my MTM requirements?

Will the settlement cycle of T+2 for Liquidbees and T+1 for FnO create an issue here?

Will there be any debit interest charges in this case?

  1. On some other day, if I have positive MTM from FnO, can I buy Liquidbees using that limit on that same day itself during market hours?


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  1. You can sell the liquid bees to meet the MTM. No interest.
  2. Yes, if the profits are booked you can.

@siva Pls. verify as of now. still can i do that ?

Can you give some context?

1.if i buy liquidbees now, how long time it takes to sell again?
2. if i sell my liquidbees now, how long it takes to receive my money?

You can sell anytime.

Immediately, but if you sell on t+1 you can use full 100% for eq but only 60% should be used for fno.