User Interface: Black theme on Trading view platform

I wonder if Zerodha can facilitate the black/dark theme option on the “Tradingview” platform.
This topic is just for over the top convenience but as someone who does most of his analysis at night in the low light condition, I would appreciate it.

You can change it from here,

All black is not all that great but grey would be fine! :joy:

I am aware of this option and that’s I am looking for theme change like the original site offers or FYERS (not to compare).
Anyway, thanks for trying to help! :slight_smile:

Oh… well it would be a long shot if they implemented or brought out something they promised withing even 2-5X the timeline they mentioned. There are lots of other important things (20k order limit, for me) which have been promised but we are yet to see them transformed into reality any time soon… :pensive:

If your using Chrome browser there is very good extension which converts any kind of website into dark mode I’m leaving the link below you can install if you want

It gets the work done but @Adarsh_Motwani is looking for inbuilt options in kite…

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Thanks, @Laxman_lucky. I tried this but the extension seems to be consuming a good amount of RAM causing a delay in loading pages. Also, it doesn’t exactly change the layout within the chart ecosystem.
Thanks for the suggestion, though.

I don’t have solution for the RAM but there are many options in the extension which suits to the chart. Yes the default theme doesn’t work but the rest there are three more options one worked for me give a try
I know how hard to see monitor in the night time

Below I’m giving exact navigation try and let me know…

after Installing Dark Reader Extension …Click on extension Enable the Dark mode… then go to “More” section you see four filter in the bottom click on “Filter” or “Filter+” .


Completely agree with you buddy. Many waiting for kite web to adopt the dark mode as the mobile app has. It is really “eyes pooping out” experience while viewing charts in dark environment.

& I too tried the “Dark Reader” extension but it seems lagging, may be it require some more ram in background IDK but the Dark KITE WEB will be like woooowwwww.

If they introduce a Trading software for desktop with darkmode etc, It will be much better!

Actually they have that thing brother. It is named “Zerodha Pi”, its dark and desktop based