Using and not-using STOP-Loss

Experts say - always use STOP-Loss. Because it acts like an air-bag & save you in a car accident. In trading arena this advice is how much justified.

Any trader here who don’t use Stop-loss during trading?

It’s Like Helmet Are compulsory for Two wheelers and Seatbelts for Four wheelers.
But Still you will see some people are not wearing Helmet and some are not using Seatbelts.

It’s up to you. you wanna pay challan to traffic police or follow the rules.

Always use a stoploss for your position. it saved your valuable money. Markets are not on your hand. It can reverse anytime and you may be book heavy losses.

To use Stop or not based on individual Trading Strategy.

I know Traders who doesn’t use stop but they hedge their future/cash positions by using options. Our well known member of forum @haribabu is against the use of stops. Like him good number of traders out there who doesn’t use stop but being in profit.

As per my strategy I always use stop for my positions.

@Lets_Invest @SrikantKumarNaik @Speculator Thank you so much for sharing your views.