Using the datatable in the nesttrader how can we import those datas in the Amibroker so that the charts get back fillied?

Just tried doing but got some errors. Here is how i tried:-

  1. Opened the datatable from Nesttrader. Copied all the data to an excel sheet.

  2. Then defined the names of each column starting from Date & Time, Open, High, Low, Close and Volume which are in the datatable in Nesttrader.

  3. Then in the Import Wizard in the Amibroker selected the file were the data is lying. Then once i click the finish button i get the following errror whiich is displayed below

Logging started for ‘D:\imp files\NFBF.xlsx’ file, using format definition file 'Formats\wizard.format’
Error in line PKInvalid (close) price. Prices must be positive. If you want to import no quotation data please specify $NOQUOTES 1 (‘no quotation data’ box in Wizard)
Invalid date format/value
Ticker symbol is empty (unknown)

Please help me how this can be solved

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Can you try to save the excel as csv and import in Ami. Also while using the import wizard , did you assign the correct columns to ticker, o,h,l,c etc?

Hi, amibroker import wizard doesn’t accept date and time combined in one column. U have to split date and time seperate. Another u have to format date and time to text format in csv. If u want some easy method try this. I just made this for my amibroker data base. Export datatable from nest to some folder in csv format.

Download the app from the below link and run it as an administrator.

set amibroker path and database path and enable Auto update amibroker database in settings.

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yes but still its not working. If u know can u help me

If you can upload the csv somewhere like googledoc, I can help take a look.

Do u have Amyadmin or Teamviewer so that i can connect you. Can u give your Mobile No.? My No is 9497282865.

My friend i’m not a tech savvy person like you. Can you help me out via teamviewer or Amyadmin. I would be very greatful to you

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If you can provide yr mobile no i will call u. My mobile no>94972-82865

Thanks are lot for the help and the download problem is solved. You are just an angel for me at the right time. Keep it up all your good works

hi can u please upload the link again bcz its not working…please…

  • Open and login to your NEST platform

  • Go to one of your watchlists (Market Watch Group)

  • Right click on one of the scripts

  • Chose Plug commands, Data Table

  • The data table opens

  • Right click on the data table and write excel

  • select a file on the desktop

  • save it as “ABB.CSV” format (not in excel format)

  • Now the file has the following format

Ticker, Date Time, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume
ABB,23-10-2016 09:30, 1000,1005, 990, 1003, 20000

  • type this code in note pad

Format definition file generated automatically

by AmiBroker’s ASCII Import Wizard

$FORMAT Ticker, Date_DMY, Time, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume
$GROUP 255

  • Save it as “nestami.format” file in c:\progamfiles\amibroker\fomats\ folder

  • Now open amibroker, go to import ascii, chose format “nestami.format”, open the desktop


  • Your data is fetched