Using Zerodha Calculator on website leads different results

I regularly use- Brokerage calculator – Zerodha
for and while making changes.

For some intraday short trades, I simply put BUY as BUY and SELL as SELL but consider loss as profit.
First question- Is it the right approach? Because the calculator approaches a LONG trade by default and not a SHORT one.

Second question-
Why did I get different results with the same turnover and overall costs? (Images below)



This is right, but you don’t have to consider Loss as Profit and vice-versa. Consider Profit as Profit and Loss as Loss.

Different results because in first picture, Buy price is lower while Sell price is higher and in second picture Buy price is higher and Sell price lower.

Thank you for replying-
But assume that both for me are profitable
I mean one case buy less and sell for more
And second, sell for more and buy back for lesser.

So both should technically yield me the same profit.
Also, the breakdowns are identical but not the final amount. Why so?

See, even if you Sell first and Buy later, you will have to enter Sell price in Sell box and Buy price in Buy box.

When you make profit, brokerage is deducted from your profit, while when you make loss, brokerage is added to it.


You make 100 Profit, Rs. 50 Brokerage will be deducted, so your final P/L will be Rs. 50

Now when you are in loss of 100, Rs. 50 Brokerage will be added to it, so your final P/L will be Rs. -150

Oh now i get it! That brokerage on turnover for both profit and loss that clarifies it. Thank you.

But i still don’t get the sense of putting buy in buy and sell in sell because this way a profitable SHORT trade will never be shown as a positive (profitable) trade. Won’t it?

No, that’s now how it works. See, when you square-off your short position that is going to have Buy value (the price at which you closed your trade at), So if you enter Buy value in Sell box even if your Short position was in profit it will show in loss. So you will have to enter Buy value in Buy box and Sell value in Sell box.

Play around the calculator for a while, you will understand.

Oh I got it! I just fiddled a bit logically and it makes sense now. Thank you so much for quick replies and help. Helped a lot :slight_smile: