UX Suggestion: Custom Sound for Sentinel / GTT Trigger Push Notifications


An average person received 80-100 notifications on his smartphone in a day. That’s too much noise.

On 26th Feb, I suddenly noticed my phone made too many notification sounds (the system default notification sound). I thought maybe some office group chat messages or emails etc. and didn’t pay much attention to it as I was busy cooking. Being a passive investor I am not glued to my screen all the time. Later when I checked my phone, I found those notification sounds were actually for my Sentinel alerts and GTT order triggers that were fired as the market had crashed. Nothing to worry about the orders as they were according to the plan.

But learning from this incident, what if a ‘unique notification sound’ be set for a Sentinel alert and GTT order trigger that would really help us distinguish amongst the chaos of tone-deaf system default notification sounds and be aware through the medium of sound.

e.g. Paytm does have a unique notification sound. So if you receive a payment, it’s not the usual notification sound and by just hearing that distinct notification sound, you would make out it’s Paytm.

Can something like this be done for Sentinel and GTT notifications on Kite app, please?


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I personally believe this may not add much value to users and also there won’t be any end to these kind of cool feature requests.

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I respect your personal opinion. But I disagree with you.

See, it’s about our attention. And hearing is one amongst 5 senses through which we experience this world. One little different ‘ting’ of a notification sound can help us understand that it’s not a regular push notification from just any app. Even if your phone screen is off, or it’s in your pocket, or if you are few steps away from your phone, that unique ‘ting’ sound can grab your attention that it’s Kite app notification and not any other app. It sets it apart from the high-decibel noise of so many push notifications we receive every day.

May I request you to share with the UX lead in your team to consider. Please take a survey in your team or the beta app users. Please do an A/b testing and let the numbers do the talking. And finally, let @nithin use his veto power to decide whether this adds value or not, whether to add this or this.

Let me get this checked with the team. It was on our list of things, but not really on top of priority.

i don’t use Sentinel & GTT feature, so don’t have much idea about it. but you can set different alert tone to whatsapp,email & other app.
personally i had set diff notification sounds for whatsapp, telegram gmail & sms. like this you can customize it as per your priorities.

You should try it out. Quite handy tools they are. You can set alerts for India VIX, Nifty 50, Sensex, etc to get alerts on the movements of the market. With GTT you can put buy/ sell order to auto-trigger as the conditions are met. Both features are good.

Not all phones have this option. Also, an official notification sound would make it consistent across the millions of Kite users.

From the implementation point of view,
first, a unique notification sound byte has to be produced keeping in mind that it grabs the attention of all age groups with appropriate high/ mid sound frequencies. Then the user testing needs to be done in an environment close to where all a normal TG resides and uses the app from - home, office, elevator, etc so that you know that the custom notification sound would steer clear even in such regular surroundings.
Then the sound file would be added in the app build (so the sound file is distributed along with the app) and the code for push notification would be updated to play the custom notification sound locally when an event occurs.

The best thing is it would act as the branding of Kite with high recall value. Imagine, you took an elevator, and the person standing next to you, his phone makes this signature ‘ting’ sound. You know that he is also on Kite. Now your phone also makes the same ‘ting’ sound. You both know that you are part of the same community - Zerodha. Both look at each other and smile. It would be a great ice-breaker.

yes, i will try Sentinel soon, but i think GTT is not for me as my trading strategy has a different style.

i haven’t used many models of cellphones & don’t have much info about it , so generally stated that that feature may available in all mobile model.

i agree, i unique sound can grab attention & keep tension free until the sound hear, checking cell for every 5 mins is very disturbing task for busy person.
hope tech team work on this.

Just came across Netflix Tudum event. Hearing ‘Tudum’ sound is enough to tell someone is binge-watching Netflix. Now that’s an example of sound branding.

God is in the details.