V IMP>>>saving account blow up

Hi Mr. Kamat
i have a suggestion where retails traders account can be saved, i request zerodha to create trading account where all the funds will be kept and traders can allocate only funds to trading account (LIKE for F&O) ,

example - if i have rs 5 lakhs in trading account then i will allocate only 1 lakh for F&O and if i exceed the amount by taking more lot size then 1 lakhs Rs. then system will not allow me to take higher quantity.
in case i still need more then i will allocate 1 lakh more and remaining 3 lakhs will be in my main trading account.
this will help me not to over trade, use full amount, revenge trading etc.

its noticed that whatever we try we trade with full amount out of sentiments.

i hope my message is clear.
in case if request, you can contact me @ 9058048911


Sunil Rawat