Verified P&L date range

CC: @nithin


Would it not be better to let a user choose a date range instead of one from a fixed set in multiple of 30 days? If I wish to share the P&L of a specific FY, then I can't do that! The problem with this approach is with the Live P&L also enabled, every day this gives a different picture.

A Custom choice can be added in the drop-down to select a date range. Views?


Hi @Vijay_Zanvar, we removed the custom date range option as people can pick the dates when they were profitable and only show those. Nithin has discussed this here:

Btw, we’re working on adding an option that will let you check P&L for up to two years.

I understand your logic of fixed date ranges is to avoid manipulations. However, you can provide two drop down fixed options: current financial year and the previous financial year. Since being fixed ranges, these will serve your purpose.